• Kugtar Mixed Martial Arts

dojo rules

When entering & leaving the Dojo, always salute and bow to your instructor and other black belts present.

You must have permission from your instructor to enter or leave class.

All students must be courteous.

You must answer your instructors with either "Sir" or "Ma'am".

Shoes, smoking, intoxication, bad language, and chewing gum are strictly prohibited.

Do not demonstrate or teach outside the Dojo without your instructor's permission.

Codes of Conduct

Be loyal to your country.

Be obedient to your parents.

Be lovable between husband & wife.

Be cooperative between brothers.

Be respectful to your elders.

Be faithful between friends.

Be faithful between teacher & student.

Accompany your decisions with action & always finish what you start.


Purpose of training should be an enhancement of the mental and physical self.

Sincerity is necessary.

Effort is necessary.

Constant scheduling during practice.

Do your best when training.

Regular practice sessions.

Pay attention to every aspect of your training.

Pay attention to the order of training.

Get instructions, step by step, in new Forms and Techniques.

Obey without objection to the work of the Instruction or Seniors, Look, Listen & Learn